Behind the Scene with our Operations Team

Shoalhaven Water often work throughout the night to ensure your water supply is maintained.

Thu 27 Jan 2022
Night Works in Kalendar Street

Recently, our operations staff attended a late afternoon main break in busy Kalendar Street, Nowra.

Serving the population of East Nowra, the break was on a 300mm water main leaving low water pressure or no water for many homes throughout the area.

With a quick response, our guys were able to isolate the affected area by closing stops valves and diverting water to East Nowra through alternative mains whilst repairs were undertaken.

Using a range of heavy-duty tools and machinery, excavation and repair of the broken main continued into the early hours of the morning.

Enduring heavy downpours throughout the night, hats off to our guys who worked tirelessly to undertake the repair and return the water supply to the community of East Nowra.