Apply for a metered standpipe

Standpipes are portable hydrants designed to be connected to a fire hydrant in a water main to gain access to bulk water. They are for business purposes only and must not be used for agriculture or as an alternative to a normal property water supply. 

Examples of acceptable business uses are:

  • To suppress dust
  • On a construction or building site
  • For new landscaping projects or bush regeneration
  • To cart water

All standpipes used in our area of operations must be metered and hired from us. There are currently two sizes of metered standpipes:

  • 25mm - for small volume users
  • 65mm - for large volume users

Bulk water filling stations offer a cheap and convenient means for contractors, water carters and rural customers to access drinking water. Our bulk water stations are located in:

  • Kangaroo Valley - Broughton Street
  • Tomerong - Corner of Hawken and Yerunda Roads

Please note: When you hire a metered standpipe from us, you commit to submitting quarterly meter readings. Failure to provide a quarterly meter reading will result in a late fee, per device.

Steps to apply

How to apply

Complete the online application form

The link below will take you to Council's online request management platform.

Apply Online

What happens next

On receipt of your application:

  1. We will review your request
  2. If approved, we will issue a payment advice (invoice) for a quarterly hire fee plus a refundable deposit

Once your invoice is paid, you will be able to pick up a metered standpipe and/or bulk water filling station key from us.

See the pick-up details tab for more information.

Pick-up details

Step 1.Pay the invoice issued to you

Step 2.Bring proof of payment with you

On pickup, you or your company must:

  • Provide a valid receipt number as proof of payment; or
  • If paying on pickup, you must present the invoice and make payment with our cashier

Step 3.Pick up the metered standpipe and/or bulk water filling station key

Once the invoice has been paid, metered standpipes and bulk water filling station keys can be picked up from:

Nowra Administration Building
36 Bridge Road, Nowra, NSW 2541

Using the standpipe

Before you use the standpipe:

Step 1.Review our Standpipe Hire Agreement listing all prohibited areas.

Penalties will apply if:

  • Complaints are received of no water or dirty water due to water being drawn in a low-pressure area, or
  • Damage occurs to the hydrant or main in a prohibited area. Repair charges will be forwarded to the person responsible. 

Step 2.Find out 'How to Use a Standpipe' and what to do if you encounter a problem.

Step 3.Refer to our online map of our preferred hydrant point locations

Need help?

Need help? Contact us today

Call us on (02) 4429 3214 or visit your closest administration centre

Nowra Administration Centre
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm
36 Bridge Road, Nowra NSW 2541

Ulladulla Branch Office
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm
14 Deering Street, Ulladulla NSW 2539

More information 

On return of a standpipe, we will read the meter and deduct any water usage charges from the refundable deposit. If a standpipe is returned damaged, a full refund may not be issued.