Swimming pools

How much will it cost to fill my swimming pool?

How much it will cost to fill your swimming pool or spa will depend on the size of the pool.

The average garden hose uses 25 litres per minute so on average, running your hose for one (1) hour = approx. 1500 litres.

As a guide we have put together an estimate of what you can expect to see on your water account on top of your typical bill.

Please note: Please use these figures as a guide only. Figures are based on 2023/2024 fees and charges.

Pool (approximate volume) Based on $2.00 per kilolitre
20,000 litres $40.00
30,000 litres $60.00
40,000 litres $80.00
50,000 litres $100.00
Spa (approximate volume) Based on $2.00 per kilolitre
750 litres $1.50
1,000 litres $2.00
1,500 litres $3.00
2,000 litres $4.00
Top-up (per hour) Cost
30 minutes $1.50
1 hour $3.00
2 hours $6.00
3 hours $9.00
4 hours


Do you want to be drinking pool water?

When topping up your pool you should never leave your hose submerged in the pool water as this creates a cross-connection which may allow your pool water to be drawn back up the line.

Always leave an air gap between the hose and the pool.

Where should the backwash water go?

All backwash water should be directed to the sewerage system with the discharge at no more than two (2) litres per second.

Under no circumstance should backwash wastewater be directly discharged to the environment or to the stormwater system. The wastewater is extremely harmful to the environment and promotes weed growth in natural bushland areas.