Vacant land service charges

In accordance with Section 552 of the Local Government Act, where access to water and/or sewerage services is available, property owners will be issued a quarterly water account.

A quarterly water account will be issued to vacant land owners where:

  • The water service is situated within 225 metres of the Council water main
  • The sewerage system is situated within 75 metres of the Council sewerage main

The property owner will receive ongoing quarterly water accounts consisting of water and/or sewerage availability charges based on a standard residential service connection.

Vacant land service charges assist with the administration, operating and maintenance costs for our systems and continue whether a property is connected to our network or is yet to be developed.

Once a property is developed and connects to our system, the property owner will then receive a water account based on the size of the connection. The account will be made up of water and/or sewerage availability charges plus water usage charges.

Please take the time to review our current water and sewer charges.