Checking for leaks

A dripping cold water tap or an unexpected leak on the property can lose thousands of litres of water over a three-month period not only wasting water but adding unnecessary cost to your account.

The following is an approximate guide on how much water is used on average by dripping taps and leaks around the home:

  • Slow dripping tap can waste up to 30 litres of water per day which is around 2,700 litres (2.7kL) of water per quarter
  • Fast dripping tap or leaky cistern can waste up to 316 litres of water per day, around 28,000 litres (28kL) per quarter
  • Flow (small leak eg pin hole leak) can waste up to 2,800 litres of water per day which is around 252,000 litres (252kL) of water per quarter
  • Full flow (equivalent to a tap turned on full) can waste up to 20 litres per minute which is around 28,000 litres (28kL) of water per day. This amount of water if left unattended could end up being around 2,592,000 litres of water charged to the account for the quarter which could end up costing thousands of unexpected dollars

Check for leaks regularly

By checking for leaks regularly you can avoid the nasty surprise of a huge water bill. The way we recommend you check for leaks is to read your water meter.

You can easily do this by taking a reading before you go out then taking another reading when you get home. If the meter has ticked over you may have a leak.

If you discover you have a leak call a plumber immediately to help you detect were the leak may be.

Follow this link to find out how to read your water meter.

Going away on holidays

If you are going away on holidays, or not regularly at your property, turn the water meter off before you leave to prevent unintended water usage.

Water leakage and dampness

Some hot water systems, including solar panels, air conditioning units, reverse cycle systems and pool solar heating have pressure relief valves and overflow outlets which release water. Try to divert this water away from the house to avoid damage; consider re-using this water on gardens or lawns to keep them healthy.