Certificate of compliance

Under Section 307 of the Water Management Act 2000, the applicant must certify the completion of all the conditions/requirements in the water development notice prior to the granting of a certificate of compliance.

A certificate of compliance will be issued at the completion of the development or at the completion of: 

  • Each stage of a staged development,
  • Prior to obtaining an occupation certificate, or
  • Prior to obtaining a subdivision certificate.

Is my development ready for a certificate of compliance?

  • Have I received a construction certificate or approval to start construction?
  • Has the development been built?
  • Is the development ready for occupation certificate?
  • Have all the conditions been signed off or complied with in my water development notice?

If you have answered yes to all of the above questions your development is ready to make a application for a certificate of compliance.

If you have answered no to any of the questions, consultant with your builder or Shoalhaven Water to confirm outstanding requirements of your development to obtain the certificate of compliance.

This certificate of compliance does not relate to the plumbing and drainage certificate of compliance, please contact Shoalhaven City Council’s building and compliance team.