Water and sewer charges


Water and sewer charges are issued on a quarterly basis, i.e. four (4) times a year.

The ongoing charges contribute to the cost of providing and maintaining the water and sewerage systems within the Shoalhaven.

When you receive your water account you will find a breakdown of charges on the back, they are made up of two categories:

  • Availability charges, and
  • Water usage charges

All charges are GST free.

Follow this link to view a sample water account.

If you own a commercial property, your account may also include charges recognising the additional burden of wastewater entering the sewerage network from a business activity.

Availability charges

Water and sewerage availability charges are a fixed rate based on the size of the property water meter.

Properties with multiple service connections pay availability charges for each connection.

Current annual charges:

Meter size Water charge Sewer charge
20mm $88.00 $956.00
25mm $147.00 $1,332.00
32mm $237.00 $2,035.00
40mm $372.00 $2,699.00
50mm $584.00 $3,817.00

For larger meter fees and charges visit Shoalhaven City Council's fees and charges page (search 'water availability').

Vacant land charges

Where access to water and/or sewerage services is available, property owners will be issued a quarterly water account based on a standard (20mm) residential water connection.

When a property develops and connects to our system, a water account will be issued that reflects availability charges based on the size of the meter connection, and water usage charges based on the amount of water that passes through the meter.

Water usage charge

Water usage charges reflect the amount of water that has been registered on your water meter.

Our meter readers read your water meter every three months (or approximately every 90 days) and with these figures you are charged for every kilolitre of water used.

Our current water usage charge is $2.00 per kilolitre.

Please note: 1 kilolitre = 1,000 litres

Pro-rata usage charges

For bills that fall over two financial years, the usage charges are 'pro-rated'.

Pro-rated usage charges involve using a customer's average daily water use to estimate how much water was used over the period and then applying the relevant rates to the water used in each financial year.

Outstanding balances

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1993, daily interest charges of 9% per annum will apply on any outstanding balance until paid in full.

Our quarterly water accounts are issued with 28-day payment terms. We then follow up any outstanding balances through ongoing correspondence by issuing:

  1. A reminder
  2. A final reminder
  3. Impending flow restriction or legal action advice

Failure to respond to our communications may result in a flow restrictor being installed, or commencement of legal action.

For more information, view our page on avoiding flow restriction.