Avoiding flow restriction

Our process for managing a water account is as follows:

  1. A water account is issued with 28-day payment terms
  2. A reminder notice is issued
  3. A final reminder is issued
  4. A registered letter is issued

Flow restriction to a property may occur if an account remains unpaid and all of the above attempts to engage with an owner have been exhausted.

If an account remains outstanding after a registered letter has been issued, and there has been no attempt from the property owner to rectify the outstanding amount, water flow to the property may be restricted.

Flow restriction involves significantly reducing the water supply to a property allowing only a very small amount of water for basic health and hygiene purposes.

How to avoid flow restriction

Flow restriction can be avoided if:

  • A formal arrangement is accepted, signed and regular payments are made
  • A Centrepay arrangement is maintained
  • An outstanding water account complaint is with us or is being investigated by the Energy and Water Ombudsman of NSW (EWON)

If you need to make a payment arrangement with us follow the steps outlined below.

Make a payment arrangement

How to apply

Commit to a payment arrangement by filling out the online application form

The link below will take you to Council's online request management platform.

Apply Online

Need help?

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Restoring water supply

If a property has been flow restricted, we will restore the water supply in full when one (1) of the following points is met:

  • Outstanding charges and additional removal fees are paid in full
  • A formal payment arrangement, payment extension, or payment assistance has been approved
  • An agreed lump sum has been made along with an agreed payment plan, OR
  • It has been identified the property is subject to residential tenancy or commercial property lease agreement