How to use a standpipe


Parts of the standpipe include:

  • spindle handle
  • spindle
  • securing handle
  • meter body
  • threaded base collar
  • base washer
  • mushroom plunger

Prior to being hired:

All our standpipes are checked to be in good working condition. Based on your requirements, we will supply you with the most suitable standpipe for your task.

In addition to the hire fee:

You will be charged quarterly on the water consumption measured through the standpipe meter readings supplied by you. 

Reading a standpipe is easy. When you submit a standpipe reading, a photograph of the meter read is required.

Before using the standpipe:

  • Check the standpipe is in good working order.
  • Check that the mushroom plunger and the base washer are secured and operational.
  • Check that the dial is readable.
  • Make sure that the spindle is wound all the way out in an anti-clockwise direction.

Using the standpipe:

  • Open the hydrant lid and make sure that the top of the hydrant is clear from debris such as dirt, gravel and anything else that may be in the way.
  • Screw the threaded collar to the base of the standpipe, then lower the standpipe into the hydrant.
  • As a safety precaution, keep your head and body clear of the standpipe while you screw the standpipe in a clockwise direction making sure it is secured into position. 
  • Operate the spindle slowly in a clockwise direction, no more than four (4) turns after making contact with the mushroom plunger.
  • Flow from the hydrant should always be increased or decreased slowly.
  • As a hirer, you are responsible for ensuring that the necessary backflow prevention measures are in place based on the tasks for which you are using the standpipe.
  • If the standpipe cannot be turned off, do not try to remove the standpipe yourself. Removing the standpipe while water flowing could cause a sudden closer of the hydrant, water hammer and possible burst mains.

What to do if you encounter an issue:

If you experience a problem with a hydrant or standpipe, do not try to fix the problem yourself. Report any issues to Shoalhaven Water on (02) 4429 3214 so that necessary repairs and maintenance can be arranged.