Water and sewer construction works

Prior to construction

Prior to issue of a construction certificate or subdivision works certificate, you may be required to submit water and sewer design plans for Shoalhaven Water’s approval. Where a complying development certificate is issued, then the design plans are prepared and approved prior to the commencement of any works. The design plans must be approved by Shoalhaven Water before a certificate can be issued.

The design plans must clearly indicate:

  • What infrastructure is to be constructed, what is existing, and what is to be modified,
  • Details of the development including lot layout, contours, buildings and structures (existing and proposed), vegetation, other infrastructure,
  • Construction notes, procedures, practices,
  • Staging of work (if staged).

Other documentation required include work method statements, soil erosion and sedimentation control plans, detailed engineering calculations, and detailed strategy reports.

Water and sewerage design plans need to be prepared by a suitably qualified consultant to Shoalhaven Water’s specifications. Please refer to guides, resources and standards for relevant documents.

How do I submit design plans?

Design plans can be submitted by using our online form.

Submit plans and support documentation

Request a quote for works

Construction works for water or sewer that are to be carried out by Shoalhaven Water must be quoted, invoice and paid prior to works commencing.

Any proposed construction plans must have prior approval by Shoalhaven Water, and this includes:

  • New connections to Council's reticulated sewerage system 
  • Watermain extension/alteration works 

To request a quote for either sewer or water works, choose from the following options:

Request a quote for sewer works

Request a quote for water works

Before commencing construction

Prior to commencing construction, your submitted design plans must be approved and the pre-commencement matters as listed in the design approval must be completed to Shoalhaven Water’s satisfaction. 

Construction can only commence once a construction certificate has been issued. 

Inspection of construction works

A pre-commencement meeting will be held on site and the Shoalhaven Water officer or inspector will provide approval for the work to commence.

Inspection of the water supply and/or sewerage works are required as the works are being constructed where it is intended for the works to be transferred to Council’s ownership.

These specific inspections are listed within the design approval letter and may also be specified on the approved design plans. 

Inspections for water supply work include (but not limited to):

  • Materials to be used,
  • Disconnection of metered or unmetered services,
  • Before laying of pipes and other components,
  • Placement of sand bedding, pipeline, fittings, fixtures, sand backfill,
  • Placement long service conduits,
  • Assembly of fittings (eg, hydrants, stop valves),
  • Any other work relevant to the project, 
  • Pressure testing of the water main,
  • Restoration of site.

Inspections for sewerage works include (but not limited to):

  • Materials to be used,
  • Sewer junction cap off,
  • Placement of sand bedding, pipeline, fittings, fixtures, sand backfill,
  • Installation of a sewer junction,
  • Manhole and lamphole construction,
  • Prior and during concrete encasement of sewer mains,
  • Assembly of fittings (eg, stop valves, scour valves, gas release valves),
  • Any other work relevant to the project,
  • Testing of the sewer assets,
  • Restoration of site.

How do I book an inspection?

Book an inspection using our online forms.

Book an inspection prior to demolition

Book an inspection during construction

Work-as-executed (WAE) Plans

Submission of WAE plans

WAE plans are required to be prepared and submitted to show Shoalhaven Water the actual position of the constructed assets. The plan is recorded in our system and is used for future planning and maintenance purposes. The documents are also used to provide information to customers about Council’s assets.

Submit works-as-executed plans

Who prepares Work-As-Executed plans?

All WAE plans must be prepared by a registered surveyor in accordance with Shoalhaven Water's survey plan preparation and work-as-executed document.

Please refer to guides, resources and standards for the relevant documentation.