Book an inspection prior to demolition

Prior to demolition, Shoalhaven Water must inspect disconnected water and/or sewerage services to ensure damage or blockages to Council's mains are avoided.

Disconnections may include:

  • Internal lines being disconnected from an existing metered water service.
  • Disconnection of a fire service downstream of a meter or stop valve where the fire service is no longer required.
  • Internal sewer drainage pipe work flushed, disconnected from the existing sewer junction and the sewer junction temporarily capped off.
  • Temporary capping at the sewer junction must be inspected to ensure there is no debris which can impact the normal operation of the sewerage system.

Please note: This form is only applicable to inspections during construction as indicated on your water development notice. For other required inspections, including plumbing and drainage, please contact Shoalhaven City Council.

Book an inspection

Before you start

Step 1.Make your booking a minimum of two (2) business days in advance

Step 2.Have your documentation ready to upload

To make a successful booking, you will need:

  • Your unique reference number (e.g. DA23/1234, CD23/1234, SF12345)
  • Your plumber or contractor licence number and work cover general induction for construction work in NSW (white card) details

How to book

Submit our online booking request

Upload your documentation when prompted.

Click here to view form.

What happens next

Associated inspection fees will be issued to the person or company indicated in the online booking request.

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Non-compliance with these requirements can result in costly actions to rectify mistakes and/or legal action.