Overdue accounts

We understand that some customers may find it difficult to pay their accounts. That is why we encourage customers to contact us so we can talk about the various payment options we have available.

Customers, who choose not to communicate with us, need to be aware of the actions that may occur if they continue to default on paying an outstanding account without communicating with us.

Our process for managing unpaid and overdue water account is as follows:

  1. A reminder is issued
  2. A final reminder is issued
  3. A registered letter is issued

If payment has not been received as a result of the registered letter and if a customer does not make full payment or contact Shoalhaven Water, we may:

  • restrict the supply of water to your property, and/or
  • refer you to a debt collection agency and
  • commence legal proceedings for the recovery of the outstanding balance on your account

Please contact us if you:

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