Make a payment arrangement

We understand that customers may at times experience financial difficulty and find themselves with an outstanding amount owing on their water account.

If this is you, contact us to discuss your situation. By speaking with us, we can review your situation together and agree on a solution.

At that time, we will ask you to enter into a formal payment arrangement where you agree to pay regular installments on your outstanding water account.

Please note: Under the Local Government Act, interest will continue to accrue on any outstanding balances. Overdue accounts not only accrue interest, they can lead to flow restriction. Entering a formal payment arrangement can help you make manageable payments to avoid flow restriction.

Steps to make a payment arrangement

To make a formal payment arrangement proposal, follow the steps below.

Before you start

Have your unique 8-digit account reference number ready

When you submit a proposal to make a formal payment arrangement with us, you will need to provide your unique 8-digit account reference number as indicated on your water account.

This number is highlighted in yellow in the bottom right-hand corner of your water account, it starts with a 6.

biller code and reference number example

How to apply

Use our online application to submit your payment arrangement proposal

Provide your 8-digit account reference number that starts with a 6.

Apply Online

What happens next

On receipt of your application, we will:

  1. Review your proposed payment arrangement
  2. Provide written confirmation of the accepted payment arrangement

Need help?

Need help? Contact us today

Call us on (02) 4429 3214 or visit your closest administration centre

Nowra Administration Centre
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm
36 Bridge Road, Nowra NSW 2541

Ulladulla Branch Office
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm
14 Deering Street, Ulladulla NSW 2539

Broken arrangements

If you are having difficultly maintaining the arrangement, we need to know.

Failure to maintain the agreement or communicate with us may lead to:

  • Legal action, and/or
  • Restriction of water supply to the property

Further fees will be associated with these actions.