Your responsibilities

Most of our towns and villages are connected directly to Council's sewer mains and it's important to understand the responsibilities you have as a property owner for your sewer system. 

Shoalhaven Water is responsible for operating and maintaining the extensive network of sewer pipes that transports the wastewater from your property to our treatment plants. You have a responsibility to maintain the internal pipelines within your property. 

Please note: Stormwater should never enter the sewer network. Stormwater entering into the sewer network is a common cause for sewer overflow.

A diagram showing a property and how it is connected to both stormwater and sewerage services, and who is responsible for the maintenance of each part.

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to:

  • Ensure access is available to any sewer inspection point within your property
  • Maintain all the pipes within the property through to the point of connection of our sewer network
  • Prevent stormwater from entering the sewer system

Sewer blockages

If you experience a problem with your internal sewer system such as gurgling noises, sinks and toilets are slow to drain or there is an effluent overflow, call Shoalhaven Water before you call a plumber.

On investigation we will:

  • Clear any blockage within Council mains, at our expense
  • If we have investigated a blockage or overflow on your property and the problem is on your side, we will advise you to call a plumber