Selling a property

Once you have sold your property, you won’t need to inform us of the sale.

Our water and sewerage services remain up and running even when a property changes hand. This also means you won’t need to call us to close your account as it will happen automatically as part of the settlement process.

Your solicitor or conveyancer will check all calculations made by the purchaser’s solicitor or conveyancer for any monies owing to Council and arrange to pay any outstanding amounts. If a debt has been accrued on the property, your solicitor will arrange payment be made to Council from the final sale of the house.

Why did I get a bill for the property I sold?

It can take a number of months for the transfer of the property to be registered with the NSW Land Registry Services. If you have receive a water account for the property after settlement, simply return the account to us and we will forward it to the new owner.

Don’t forget to cancel any automatic payments you may have set up on your water account!