Sewer access points

Sewer manholes

Sewer manholes are access points to Council’s sewer mains and are used to check the condition of sewers, clear blockages in sewer lines and provide access to investigate and rectify infiltration.

We conduct routine manhole inspections to ensure they:

  • Are accessible and visible;
  • Do not leak or have stormwater directed into them; and
  • Do not contain tree roots or blockages.

If a manhole within your property is not accessible, Council may direct you to make it accessible or do work on your behalf. In some instances, excavation may be required. For example, if a garden bed has been built over the manhole, Council may direct the property owner to remove it to restore access.

I need to adjust a manhole because of works on my property, what do I do?

We understand that at times property owners, builders, or developers may require a manhole to be raised or lowered due to works going on within a property. On application, a manhole adjustment will be assessed and if approved, will be undertaken by Shoalhaven Water free of charge.

If you need to request an adjustment to a manhole, please go to the request a sewer manhole adjustment page.

Sewer access points on your property

It is good to know where your sewer access points are. As a guide:

Boundary Risers are located close to the property boundary and in the event of a blockage should be inspected by the owner of the property before contacting Shoalhaven Water or a plumber.

Yard Gully (sometimes known as an Overflow Relief Gully) is drain-like in appearance and located outside your house. They act to release sewage in the event of a blockage and are designed so that the loose fitting grate be free to ‘pop off’ completely allowing the sewer flow that has backed up in the pipes to escape through the yard gully outside, rather than inside of your home or business.

A yard gully generally looks like this:

image of circular concrete pipe opening with a loose fitting grate