How to identify a leak

To help identify if you have a leak on your property, we have created a simple three-step test:

A diagram showing a meter dial and annotations for each number indicating how they are read.

  1. Find the water meter and record the reading. A simple way to do this is to use your phone camera (if you have one) and take a photo. Make sure not to use any water afterwards for a few hours.
  2. Read the meter again a few hours later making sure no water has been used during the test period.
  3. Compare the two sets of numbers. If they are the same there are no leaks. If they are different, subtract the first reading from the second and the difference will tell you how bad the leak is if water cannot be accounted for.

Found a leak?

Please note: If a leak has been detected on the property, call a licensed plumber to fix it as soon as possible.

Any water that passes through the water meter will be charged to the property owner, and this includes water lost through leaks.

If a substantial amount of water has gone through the meter because of the leak, and it has been repaired by a licensed plumber, the owner may be eligible for an undetected water leak rebate.