Apply for an undetected water leak rebate

If you have received a larger than usual water account due to an undetected leak, you may be eligible for a rebate. 


Applications will only be accepted from:

  1. The property owner, or
  2. Authorised person on behalf of property owner (written authority must be provided)

Follow this link to find out how to nominate an authorised account representative.

Steps to apply

Before you start

Step 1.Make sure you meet the criteria for a rebate

Before we can approve a leak reduction rebate, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are the property owner, or an authorised person on behalf of the property owner (an owner's declaration must be provided)
  • The usage needs to be greater than $200, and 1.5 times greater than usual, and
  • The leak was detected and repaired within 30 days of account being issued

Claims will not be accepted if they:

  • Involve leaks which could have been reasonably detected by visible inspection
  • Involve faulty plumbing fixtures (e.g. appliances, pumps, hot water systems, pressure release or float valves, cattle troughs, solar panels or pool heaters, pool or pond lines, taps, toilet cisterns, sprinkler or irrigation systems)
  • Involve a leakage caused directly by way of accidental or wilful damage
  • Relate to a second or subsequent claim for a leak rebate (An undetected leak rebate will only be issued once to a property while you are the owner)

Step 2.Have a copy of the plumber's invoice or owner's declaration ready

Ensure the invoice details the cause and location of the leak and confirmation of repair.

In the case where a plumber was not used, you will need a declaration by the owner indicating the cause and location of the leak and confirmation of the repair.

How to apply

Complete our online application

Upload your plumber's invoice or owner's declaration when prompted.

The link below will take you to Council's online request management platform.

Apply Online

What happens next

This is how an approved rebate works:

  • The rebate will apply to the billing period in which the undetected leak commenced and will only be issued once to a property, while you are the owner.
  • An approved rebate amount is 50% of the increase in usage, up to a maximum of $2000, as well as the full value of any associated excess sewer usage charges (if applicable).
  • Full payment of account must be paid by the due date. 
  • Approved rebates will apply as a credit towards the account. 

Need help?

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Further assistance

Increased water usage costs associated with leaks can be an unexpected financial burden.

If you need assistance paying outstanding usage charges, residential customers may consider accessing our payment assistance scheme.