Apply for a nominal sized meter connection

The nominal sizing of a water meter means that the current connection stays in place, but availability charges are reduced to reflect a smaller connection.

This service supports:

  • Fire services that require larger metered services installed for emergency use only. However, where hose reels are connected, a nominal size will only be applicable if the hose reels are protected by lead security seals.
  • Low pressure properties that have a larger connection to ensure adequate supply of pressure.

Approved nominal sizing or quantity of connections may also occur if unique circumstances exist.

Steps to apply

Before you start

Have your documentation ready to upload

To apply for a nominal sized water meter, you must provide:

  • Your water meter number
  • Hydraulic engineers report demonstrating compliance with the relevant building standards (e.g. Australian Standards for Hydrants and Hose Reel Codes, NSW Fire Brigade Requirements and Plumbing and Drainage Standards)

How to apply

Submit the online application form

Provide the water meter number and upload any relevant reports, i.e. engineers report or supporting documentation.

The link below will take you to Council's online request management platform.

Apply online

What happens next

On receipt of your application, we will:

Step 1.Review your request to determine viability

Step 2.Issue notification of approved application

Approved applications will be notified and availability charges will be altered to reflect the smaller connection fee.

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