Apply for a rainwater tank rebate

Shoalhaven Water will issue a $500 rebate to eligible customers who have purchased and installed a rainwater tank in the last 12 months to assist with the expense of purchasing and installing a rainwater tank.


To be eligible for the rebate:

  • You have meet all Council rainwater tank installation requirements
  • Your property must be connected to our town water supply
  • Total capacity of tanks must be a minimum of 2000 litres

Please note: Installations are not eligible if they are a requirement of a development consent or subdivision (e.g. BASIX requirement).

Before you start

Step 1.Submit your compliance checklist to Council

If you are approved, Council will send you an approval number.

Step 2.Have your approval number ready

Step 3.Have a copy of the tank receipt ready to upload

These can be uploaded in jpg or pdf format.

How to apply

Submit our online form.

Provide your approval number and upload copies of the required documentation when prompted.

The link below will take you to Council's online request management platform.

Apply Online

Need help?

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More information

For more information on Council requirements, view Council's guide to rainwater tanks, or contact Shoalhaven City Council's Development Services Team on 1300 293 111.