Register a backflow prevention device

Registration of a backflow prevention device provides assurance that a device is working to protect our reticulated water supply.

Under current regulation of the Plumbing Code of Australia and Australian standards, the property owner of an installed backflow prevention device is required to:

Steps to register

Before you start

Step 1.Engage an accredited backflow prevention plumber to test each device

See our list of accredited backflow prevention plumbers that have volunteered their details.

Step 2.Obtain a test report from the accredited plumber

Test reports can be attached in jpg or pdf format.

How to register

Step 1.Attach copies of your test and maintenance reports to an email

Address your email to

Step 2.Pay relevant Council registration fees

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More information

It is the responsibility of a property owner or managing agent, to engage an accredited backflow prevention plumber to test device/s and submit the test report/s to Council.

If test report does not comply, we will be in contact with you and your plumber.

Please note: Failure to comply with registration is an offence and will incur penalty fees for each device unregistered, every four-week period overdue until registration is complete.