Report a taste or odour issue

Taste and odour in water can vary from tap to tap and can be impacted by naturally occurring minerals, treatment processes or something in your internal plumbing.

Sources of common tastes and odours


Chlorine odours can be caused by the small amount of chlorine in the water reacting with household plumbing fixtures such as hoses, tap washers, and tap strainers/aerators.

If you are experiencing this problem, start by checking each tap until you can eliminate the source.

Musty, mouldy or earthy

Musty, mouldy or earthy tastes or odours can be caused by organic growth within water pipes.

This is most commonly noticed if you have not used your taps for a while, such as returning from holidays. Try running the tap for a few minutes to clear the lines.


A metallic taste may occur if the internal water pipes on the property have corroded and the rusty metal is transferring to your drinking water.

If high doses are present, customers may also notice a change in the colour of the water. A plumber may be required to rectify this problem.

Steps to report a problem

Before you start

Step 1.Check the water from the tap closest to the water meter

Is this water producing any taste or odour?

Step 2.If yes, try running the tap for a few minutes to see if the problem resolves

If you have run your taps and the taste or odour problem persists, you can report this to us and we will investigate.

How to report

Submit our online maintenance request

The link below will take you to Council's online request management platform.

Report a problem

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