Report cloudy water

Cloudy, or milky looking tap water is generally caused by tiny bubbles of air in the water.

It does not pose a risk to health; however you may wish to allow the bubbles to settle before you drink it.

Cloudy water can occur when:

  • Internal tapware filters are in place, causing the water to release tiny bubbles of air as it comes through the tap
  • Recent work on Council mains have occurred, causing air to be trapped in the pipes

Steps to report a problem

Before you start

Step 1.Try pouring a glass or jug of water and allow it to sit for a few minutes

If the cloudiness is due to air in the water, you will notice the effect will clear from the bottom of the glass upwards. 

Step 2.Try running the tap closest to the water meter for a few minutes

If you are experiencing cloudy water coming from your taps due to recent works in your area, running the tap closest to the water meter may resolve the problem.

If the problem persists, you can report this to us to investigate.

How to report

Submit our online maintenance request

The link below will take you to Council's online request management platform.

Report a problem

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