Request an AWTS cleanout

Aerated wastewater treatment system (AWTS) cleanouts are recommended every 5 years to ensure the ongoing working of a system is maintained.

If a tank is not cleaned out, a layer of sludge will settle on the bottom of the tank that will cause blockages or prevent the transfer of solids to your effluent disposal area (e.g. trenches or collection tank).

Tank cleanouts are a pre-paid service and include:

  • Standard cleanouts - undertaken within three (3) working days
  • Emergency cleanouts - actioned within 24 hours (additional fees apply)

Please note: If the tank is greater than 8,000L or a non-standard tank, you will be invoiced for the service.

Steps to request a cleanout

Before you start

Step 1.If you require an emergency cleanout

Call us immediately on 02 4429 3214 so that we can escalate your request. 

Step 2.Select the relevant tab for the application specific to your tank.

Choose the tab that matches your tank size to ensure you submit the correct application form.

Up to 8000 L

Complete the below application form and pay the upfront fee

This cleanout form is for a standard aerated wastewater treatment system up to 8000 litres.

Greater than 8000 L

Complete the below application form 

This service will be invoiced, please refer to our Septic Tank Cleanout Fees & Charges.

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