Sewer diagrams

Looking for the location of the water or sewer mains?

To find the location of Shoalhaven Water's assets simply visit Before You Dig Australia (BYDA) where you can obtain a free service location diagram.  

The BYDA (formerly known as 'Dial Before You Dig' or DBYD) service will provide indicative locations of where the water and sewer mains are in relation to your property, street or a larger area within the Shoalhaven.

For more information on how to dig safely, visit our page on locating water and sewer assets.

Sewer diagram for sale of land

External sewer diagrams are available to solicitors or conveyancers for 'sale of land' purpose. 

Request an external sewer diagram at a cost on the Shoalhaven City Council website.

Please note: If you require a diagram for building or plumbing purpose, please use Before You Dig.

Request a sewer diagram online

For general enquiries please call (02) 4429 3214

Internal drainage diagram

Historically, internal household drainage diagrams may not always be available.

For a fee, Council will search its files for details of household drainage lines which carry wastewater to the reticulated sewerage system or septic disposal system (septic tanks, etc).  

Request an internal drainage diagram on the Shoalhaven City Council website.

Request an internal drainage diagram online

For further information on internal drainage diagrams contact Shoalhaven City Council’s Building and Compliance team on (02) 4429 3211.