Our water treatment plants

Shoalhaven Water operate every day of the year supplying clean and dependable drinking water from Berry to Lake Tabourie.

We own and operate four (4) water treatments plants where we can ensure your water quality is enhanced by:

  • The removal of sediments, colour and iron oxides
  • Improvement of water hardness to protect the pipelines
  • The addition of fluoride and chlorine for the protection of public health

bamarang water treatment plant


Our treatment plants are located at:


Commissioned in 1982, Bamarang treatment plant was built to provide ongoing provision of water to the growing population of the Shoalhaven.

It is our main water treatment facility and can process up to 75ML of water each day (ML = 1,000,000 litres).


First commissioned in the 1930’s, Flatrock treatment plant was the Shoalhaven’s first treatment facility providing water for around 750 people.

It was upgraded in 1970 and then again in 1998 and provides water to the urban areas of Nowra, Bomaderry and Terara processing up to 28ML of water each day.


Commissioned in 1998, Milton treatment plant provides water from Milton to Lake Tabourie processing around 10.5ML of water each day.

Kangaroo Valley

Commissioned in 1993, and upgraded in 2019, Kangaroo Valley treatment plant processes up to 1.5ML of water each day and is distributed to the residents and businesses within the valley.