Tapstar educational resources


Tapstar has produced a range of fun educational video clips that can be viewed at any time.

Where does our water come from?

Discover the journey of water from the catchment to treatment, and see how it is processed before it arrives at your home.

What happens to water when it goes down the drain?

Discover how we treat wastewater and how it is reused through our award winning recycling scheme.

Tapstar helps us count on water!

Encourage your students to see how many times they use the tap each day.

Discover our water supply

Find out how water gets to your home and why we sometimes go into water restrictions.

Tapstar unclogs the toilet

Find out what should and what should not go down the toilet.

Tapstar washes his hands

Find out how to make sure our hands are super clean and not waste water.

Every drop counts

Find out why saving water is so important and then think about how you use water.