Are you in a high risk area?

Published on 08 November 2023

notification to plan and prepare for the bushfire season

As the providers of your water supply and wastewater services, Shoalhaven Water plays an important role in bushfire preparedness, especially as we head into a forecasted hot and dry summer.

As you prepare your individual fire plan, consider how the Shoalhaven water supply could impact you and your home in an emergency. 

Our priority is to supply fresh, clean drinking water to households and businesses for drinking and domestic use.

During a major fire, the demand on the water supply is likely to exceed the capacity of the supply system. This means we cannot guarantee uninterrupted supply of drinkable water or to maintain normal water pressure during a fire.

We encourage residents to be prepared and consider an alternate water supply as part of your bushfire readiness plan, especially if you are in a high risk area. Your individual fire plan should identify reliable alternative water sources such as a large dam, irrigation channel or creek.

If you have water tanks that need filling, we strongly advise you make this a priority.

Visit Shoalhaven City Council's website to see the number of resilience related projects we have implemented since the devastating 2019/20 bushfires.