Don't let a bad storm turn into a nightmare!

Published on 30 November 2023

image of stormwater gushing from roadside drain

During very wet weather, large amounts of rainwater entering the sewerage system can overload it causing sewage to spill into streets, parks, beaches and even people’s homes.

So keep your sewerage and stormwater systems separate.

Most people don’t realise that our sewerage network is completely separate from the stormwater network. It’s designed to keep stormwater out of sewerage pipes so the system doesn’t get overwhelmed and overflow.

Every householder can do their bit to prevent that from happening and it’s especially important right now as we face some of the wettest weather on record.

How you can help

You can prevent stormwater entering the sewerage system on your property by taking some simple precautions.

  • Make sure any sewer maintenance holes remain clear and accessible.
  • Never plant trees over or around sewer lines as roots can cause cracks to the pipes.
  • Never connect rainwater drainpipes to your sewer pipes.
  • Make sure your sewer overflow gully is raised so stormwater can’t drain into it. 
  • Fix any broken water and drainage pipes on your property as soon as you discover them.
  • Report any broken, cracked or poorly fitting manhole covers to Shoalhaven Water so that we can fix them.

For more information on stormwater and the sewerage system, click here.