Register a new pumpout service

If you have recently installed an on-site effluent collection tank on your property and would like to register with us for regular effluent pumpouts, please follow the steps below.

Registration with us includes:

  • Ongoing regular scheduled pumpout services; and
  • Annual fees levied to your Council rates notice.

Steps to register

Before you register

Step 1.Important information

Registration only applies to newly installed sewage management systems intending to commence regular effluent pumpout services.

If you have recently purchased a property that has an on-site effluent collection tank, and the regular service pumpouts are already in our system, registration is not necessary. We will automatically update the rates notice during the change of ownership process. 

Step 2.Registration requirements

To register a new service, you will need:

  • Your approval to operate a sewage management facility number issued by Council's Environmental Services team (e.g. DR23-XXXX)
  • A predetermined service schedule suitable to your circumstances. Please be advised this can be updated at any time. 

How to register

Complete the below online registration form 

What happens next

Step 1.Fees and charges

After registration, your Council rates notice will include an effluent charge based on your determined schedule of pumpouts. This fee covers the removal of up to 2,500 litres per tank. You can update the service schedule at any time. 

Step 2.Additional fees

  • An additional fee will be invoiced for each additional 100 litres over 2,500 litres, per tank, per service.
  • Extra or emergency pumpouts include a minimum charge plus the fee for effluent removed greater than 2,500 litres.

Need help?

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