Report discoloured water

Discoloured, or dirty looking water generally occurs when there is a disturbance to the natural sediment build-up within the mains.

The most common causes of discoloured water are:

  • A main water break or burst
  • Increase level of water usage in the area during peak holiday periods
  • Scouring the mains as part of routine maintenance

Stained washing

If you have experienced stained washing from a discoloured water event, try soaking the wet washing straight away before the particles of sediment have a chance to dry and get lodged in the fabric. 

There are a few good products available from the supermarket which can assist in whitening laundry, or you can make contact with us for a free cleaning kit.

After a good soak, try washing the laundry again. If the re-soaked washing is still stained after a second wash, we may be able to help.

Steps to report a problem

Before you start

Step 1.Do not use any water until the problem has been resolved

Step 2.Run the front tap closest to the water meter for a few minutes

Run the tap until you can see the water is running clear. By capturing this water in a bucket you can then reuse it on the garden.

If the water has returned to normal, run the tap in your backyard to flush the lines inside your house. 

Step 3.Consult with your neighbours

If your neighbours are also experiencing discoloured water and the problem does not appear to be isolated to an individual house, you can report the problem and we will investigate.

Step 4.If you are reporting stained washing, have some photos ready.

You will need to provide evidence in jpg or pdf format.

How to report

Submit our online maintenance request

Use our online maintenance request to report:

  • Discoloured water that has not cleared by running your taps
  • Discoloured laundry from a dirty water event and the extra wash has not helped

The link below will take you to Council's online request management platform.

Report a problem

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More information

We regularly undertake maintenance on the water supply system through a process known as 'flushing'. The flushing process consists of cleaning or ‘scouring’ the interior of the water mains by sending a rapid flow of water through them.

Our maintenance program helps to remove sediment build-up that can accumulate normally within the water supply system. We notify residents prior to any planned scouring scheduled to occur.