Submit land owners consent

Under Section 78 of the Local Government Act 1993, if an application applies to particular land where a business proposes to discharge liquid trade waste into Council's sewerage system, the applicant must be the owner of the land or a person who has the consent of the land owner.

Failure to obtain approval or failure to comply with the conditions of an approval may lead to prosecution under Section 626 and 627 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Before you start

By submitting land owners consent, the land owner acknowledges that:

Step 1.The nature of the business activity being proposed on their land.

Step 2.Ongoing fees and charges will be billed to the water account.

Step 3.The business activity proposed on the property cannot proceed until consent has been received.

How to submit

Complete the online consent form below

This form can only be completed by the land owner unless a power of attorney exists which explicitly authorises the proxy to do so.

Click here to view form.

What happens next?

On submission of the land owner consent form:

Step 1.A copy of the consent will automatically be sent to the land owner's nominated email.

Step 2.The land owner can then forward a copy of their consent to their property managing agent or to the person requesting consent (the tenant).

Step 3.The land owner may also retain a copy of the consent for their own records.

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More information

Council will only accept a land owner's consent submission from someone other than the land owner if they have been granted the explicit, legal permission (power of attourney) to do so.