Frequently asked questions

Water restrictions can be confusing. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers.

Why are restrictions needed?

When we experience an extended dry period and the long term outlook indicates a lower than normal prediction for good rainfall, Council has a duty to implement restrictions to ensure long term water security.

Are there standard watering times?

There are no standard watering times in Level One restrictions. Should we enter Level Two restrictions, you can only water the garden in the early morning or late afternoon.

What is a hard surface?

Houses, walls, windows, driveways and paths are all considered to be 'hard surfaces' and in most cases are not considered to be a high priority for essential purposes.

Can I wash my car, boat or caravan?

Privately owned cars, boats and caravans can be washed using a hand held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, and we encourage you to wash on a grassed surface (if possible).

Can I still flush my boat motor after use?

Motor flushing may be undertaken as per car, boat and caravan washing. Motors do not need to be flushed if being used daily.

Can I use wash-down facilities at boat ramps?

Some wash-down facilities are required to limit exposure to algae or for health reasons. We encourage users to limit the amount of water used at these facilities.

Can I top up my existing swimming pool/external spa?

You can top up your pool or spa using a hand-held hose fixed to a timer. A timer will help prevent a forgotten running hose. You should always leave an air gap between the pool water and the hose to prevent any unwanted pool water entering your internal household system.

Can I fill a new swimming pool/external spa?

During Level One water restrictions you an fill a new pool or spa with a hand-held hose.

Are drip-irrigation and spray systems treated the same?

Drip-irrigation, sprinklers and spray watering systems are all treated the same and can be used if fixed to a timer. Please consider when you use them e.g. not on a windy day.

Can I water new lawns or turf?

You can water new lawns or turf using a hand-held hose, or if using a sprinkler it must be fixed to a timer.

What can I do if I see someone breaching the water restrictions?

Contact us on 1300 662 246 and provide the following information:

  • Date and time of alleged breach
  • Property address
  • Details of the breach

A Council ranger will then follow up any breaches.

How long will the water restrictions remain in place?

Water restrictions are lifted when:

  • The long term forecast for rain is considered positive
  • The three Council dams are full
  • It is unlikely that water restrictions will be reimposed within 3 months

How long does a permit remain valid?

A permit is only valid during the time specified on the permit.

What happens if I don’t abide by the restrictions?

Council rangers enforce compliance with additional support through private security companies. Breach of water restrictions may result with an imposition of fines in accordance with the Local Government Act up to a maximum for repeat offences of $2,200.

Who do I call if I see a leak by the road or in a park reserve?

Call us as soon as you can to report the location.

Can water be drawn directly from the main?

Water can be drawn directly from the main by standpipe users. Our standpipes are orange and metered for billing. If you see any other colour or have concerns about water extraction being lawful, call us.

Do water restrictions apply if I’m using tank water?

If your property is connected to town water and you also have a tank installed, water restrictions still apply regardless. Unless the tank is on a top-up system, the tanks will largely be empty because of the extended dry conditions.

Do water restrictions apply to the use of bore water?

Water restrictions do not apply if bore water is being pumped direct to gardens or lawns. Signage indicating 'Bore Water in Use' is encouraged.