Restrictions to our water supply


The Shoalhaven River is one of our greatest resources, but ongoing dry weather can impact the river flow and in turn reduce our water supply and dam capacity.

There are currently no water restrictions in place.

When restrictions are in place, we strongly encourage the community to conserve water. Here's an overview on how they work:

Level one restrictions

Level one water restrictions are brought into place when we cease pumping water from the Shoalhaven River and the water level at Bamarang Dam reduces to around 60% capacity.

This reduced capacity is a trigger for us to release water from our backup water supply, Danjera Dam. The water released makes its way into the Shoalhaven River and after a few days it reaches our pumping station at Burrier. We use this influx of water in the river to top up the supply at Bamarang Dam.

What you can do

Under our level one water restrictions, you can use drinking water to:

  • Water the garden or lawn with a hand-held hose (trigger nozzles are encouraged)
  • Water the lawn or garden using a sprinkler or drip irrigation (device must be fixed to a timer)
  • Wash your vehicle or boat using a hand-held hose (trigger nozzles on hoses are encouraged and parked on grass where possible)
  • Top up your swimming pool or spa (hose must be fixed to a timer)

Trigger nozzles on hoses and timers on sprinklers help prevent unnecessary water wastage.

Level two restrictions

Level two water restrictions are brought into place when the topped-up level of water in Bamarang Dam once again reduces to 60%. This is a second trigger to release from Danjera Dam. This can deplete our backup water supply considerably.

Should the dry weather persist, and the river flows and dam levels remain low, we remain in water restrictions until such a time as all our dam levels are restored to full capacity.

What you can do

Under level two water restrictions, the same conditions apply as level one, but we ask a little more from you.

  • Water can only be used between 6:00am to 8:00am and 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Customers are encouraged to monitor our water snapshot page for regular updates on water storage and river flows.