Environmental Protection Monitoring

Shoalhaven Water holds 9 Environment Protection Licences (EPL) issued by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to cover the operation of our 13 wastewater treatment plants.

Under the Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011, Shoalhaven Water has an obligation to:

  • Publish monitoring data collected within 14 days of results being available
  • Prepare, implement, and publish a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan to communicate actions and risk control during pollution incidents

Our Latest Monitoring Results

Site Name EPA
Monitoring Results
Berry 1736 View View Results
Bomaderry 1735 View View Results
Nowra 1734 View View Results
Shoalhaven Heads 4128 View View Results
REMS 2419 View View Results
Sussex Inlet 3936 View View Results
Conjola Scheme 12357 View View Results
Ulladulla 446 View View Results
Kangaroo Valley 20244 View View Results