Our Communication Towers

Shoalhaven Water manages a number of telecommunication tower sites on behalf of Shoalhaven Council.


These sites provide radio communication links and services to a variety of users, including:

  • Telecommunication carriers
  • Radio broadcasters
  • TV broadcasters
  • Emergency services
  • Council communications
  • Shoalhaven Water
  • State Government departments
  • Internet service providers
  • Network connectivity providers

In addition Shoalhaven Water also operate a number of separate sites ranging from large high coverage telecommunication towers, smaller coverage area towers, to rooftop and water reservoir facilities.  

Need access to one of our sites?

To gain access to one of our sites, you are required to contact our Communications Site Coordinator on 02 4429 3495 or simply follow this link and email us.

Users may be required to enter into a licence agreement for use of the towers or sites. Refer to Shoalhaven City Council's Fees & Charges for any associated fees, or for a full quote contact our Communications Site Coordinator as indicated above.