Our Water Supply

Shoalhaven Water own and maintain 3 large storage dams which store water ready for processing before being pumped throughout the city to our residents and visitors.

Our water supply network consists of:

  • 38 water reservoirs,
  • 26 pumping stations, and 
  • over 1,500 kilometres of water mains

Bamarang Dam

Bamarang Dam

Bamarang Dam is located west of Nowra and has a total capacity of 3,800 ML. This dam is known as an off-creek storage dam and water is pumped into it from the Shoalhaven River before being transferred to the Bamarang Water Treatment Plant for processing.

Bamarang Dam is only topped up from the river while river flows are running at a flow rate above 90ML per day. During times of drought when the river flows are very low, we cease pumping and rely on the water stored in the dam.

Reduced water levels in this dam are a trigger for water restrictions and it is during these times that we as a community must become more water conscious.

For more information on why water restrictions are brought into place follow this link to our Water Restrictions page

Danjera Dam

Danjera Dam Yalwal

Danjera Dam is located in a catchment area west of Nowra and has a total capacity of 7,660 ML. The water stored in this dam is our backup water supply and water is only released from here as a result of water restrictions.

Although remote, this is a popular recreational area. Follow the link for more information on  Danjera Dam

Porters Creek Dam

Porters Creek Dam

Porters Creek Dam is located in the southern Shoalhaven in Morton National Park, around 11km west of Lake Conjola. Originally constructed in 1967, the dam received a major upgrade in 2016. It has a total capacity of 1,900 ML and depending on water levels, this dam supplies water to the Southern end of the Shoalhaven. 

The water from this dam is treated at the Milton Water Treatment Plant.  

NOTE: ML = megalitres = 1,000,000 litres