Locate Water & Sewer Assets

Underground infrastructure assets can be anywhere and may be closer to the surface than expected so before you undertake any type of excavation activity, it is important to be aware of possible water or sewer infrastructure around your proposed worksite by lodging a FREE Before You Dig enquiry.

Accidental Mains Break

Prior to Excavation Work

Before You Dig is easily accessed and can provide indicative information of where our water, sewerage and sewerage junction positions and depths are located.

How do I get access to Before You Dig?

Follow this link to the Before You Dig website, or download their mobile app or call them directly on 1100.

Before You Dig

Be advised that the information provided by BYD is indicative only and Shoalhaven Water does not accept responsibility of accidental damage to assets. If an excavator is unclear about the location of our services, we can assist and undertake an onsite location visit.

Critical Asset Alert

Should your BYD query detect a Critical Asset in your proposed work area you will be requested to contact Shoalhaven Water during business hours to notify us of impending works. 

You can contact us on 02 4429 3214 or email water@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au 

When contacting us, ensure you have appropriate information available to ensure your enquiry is dealt with by the right person. 

Shoalhaven Water Asset Responsibility

Shoalhaven Water is responsible for and undertakes all works on its assets unless specific exemptions are approved in advance by Shoalhaven Water. 

Our assets and works include the installation, removal, replacement or upsize of any water meter, water mains, main tappings, hydrant points and fire services. It also includes the installation, removal, replacement or repair of sewer mains, manholes and other inspection openings.

Tampering with Shoalhaven Water assets is illegal and may result in prosecution.

Some useful hints to locate pipelines:

Water Mains

Water mains are generally located in the footway or road shoulder and are generally laid at standard depths. Shoalhaven Water has an allocation for water assets within the footpath which is normally 2.4 metres off the property boundary line to the back of the kerb.  Look for fittings such as hydrant lids, stop valve lids, raised reflective markers or marker posts to provide an easy estimate of location of water mains.

Sewer pipelines

Sewer pipelines
 are generally located within private property; however, they are also located within the road reserve, public reserves and other public spaces. Sewer pipelines can vary significantly in depth. Looking for structures such as manholes will indicate sewers are in the area. For pressure mains look for stop valves, scour valve lids or pits, air valve pits or marker posts for estimated location of bends or pipelines.  

How to dig safely:

Plan – obtain location of pipes DBYD.

Protect – Protect Shoalhaven Water’s assets, failure to do so may result in joint failure, damage to asset, flooding and injury.

Pothole – Comply with the instructions issued by Shoalhaven Water and/or the work method statement. Begin excavation by hand to expose the services. Have a Shoalhaven Water staff member present during excavation (fees and charges may apply).

Do not use large heavy machinery to locate Council assets, it can lead to possible damage to the asset.

Proceed – complete the first three steps before proceeding.

Need more help?

If there is any uncertainty about the responsibility for works or you have any questions relating to a Critical Asset or a BYD enquiry, please contact us on  02 4429 3214 or email water@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au