Pressure Sewer Systems

Pressure sewer systems are not common across the city and are generally located in areas where a conventional gravity system is not a viable servicing option such as flat or rocky terrain.  

Pressure Sewer Unit

A development that has been identified as requiring the installation, modification or relocation of a pressure sewer system will require development approval.

What you need to apply

Our installation process requires a:

  • Water development notice number (e.g. DA/CD/SF number)
  • Service location plan (which can be uploaded as a jpg or pdf)

A service location plan will assist us with the installation. It must show your proposed location and distances between the control panel and the pump unit, as well as the distance between the pump unit and the boundary kit. 

As a guide, the pressure sewer unit must:

  • be located so that the residence and any other building can fully drain by gravity to the unit.
  • be located no closer than 5 meters to the residence.
  • not be more than 10 meters from the alarm panel.
  • be in direct line of site from the alarm/control panel. Obstructions are NOT permitted between the unit and the control panel.

This is an example of a Service Location Plan

PSU image for Website

What happens after submitting the request

On receipt of application, we will:

  • Review your request to determine the location is viable.
  • Calculate costs of the pending work based on current market value plus any additional costs for site works such as design, difficult terrain (i.e., rocky conditions) or any unexpected work.
  • Issue a payment advice (invoice).

On receipt of payment, installation will be in accordance with the approved service location plan supplied. 

Accessibility must be available for large machinery. 

Installation responsibilities

Shoalhaven Water will:

  • Install the pressure sewer system including the functioning components, connect supply to the pumps and test electrical operation at completion of installation. We will fill the unit with water for a test run, using a generator if no power is available, and then leave the system in normal operational mode. 
  • The control panel will be locked on completion, so your electrician may have to contact us before they install the final dedicated circuit. If the dedicated circuit is already in place, we will connect and test using the house supply.
  • When work is complete, we will notify the applicant to arrange the remainder of the electrical installation.

Owner/builder must:

  • Arrange for a qualified electrician to install a separate dedicated circuit (as approved by Shoalhaven Water) from the electrical meter box to the location of the control panel.
  • Once connected and operating, all power costs for the running of the pressure sewer unit are the responsibility of the property owner.