At-Home Dialysis Customers

We understand that some of our customers have special needs. We keep a register of those customers who require large amounts of water to be used at home, especially those who require the use of at-home dialysis machines.

Dialysis Meter

To help our at-home dialysis customers, we offer:
  • Notifications of any unplanned water interruptions; and
  • Financial assistance for water usage. 

Notification of water interruptions

By registering your details with us, we can notify you as soon as possible in the event of an unplanned interruption to a service and prior to a planned interruption.

At home dialysis customers will have their meters painted blue for easy identification by our operations staff. 

Financial Assistance

Our registration process allows our customers to request a concession of both water usage and waste charges.

Shoalhaven Water will provide a reduced tariff for water usage charges. Shoalhaven City Council will provide an additional 80L red-lid bin, at no further cost, to assist with increased requirements of home dialysis.

Register your details