Plumbing Reimbursements

Shoalhaven Water offer reimbursements to eligible customers for a plumber to attend to a sewer issue. If you’ve paid a plumber to fix a sewer problem and it turned out to be within Council’s sewer main, you may be eligible for reimbursement of reasonable costs.

Reimbursements may be provided to a customer to help cover reasonable costs incurred due to an issue or blockage occurring within Council’s sewerage mains. 

If you have contacted a plumber to attend a sewer blockage on your property and the problem turned out to be in Council’s mains, it is your plumber's responsibility to contact Shoalhaven Water immediately to clear any blockage from the mains. 

Any internal plumbing work undertaken by a plumber is not covered by Shoalhaven Water. 

A customer will only be reimbursed the reasonable costs associated with the plumbing invoice if Shoalhaven Water was notified and attended the site to clear the blockage. Reasonable costs are expected to be between $200 - $300 incl GST. 

Your request for reimbursement will be reviewed and if eligible, a reimbursement will be provided to help cover the cost of the plumber’s invoice. 

Before you can apply for a reimbursement, we advise the following:

  • Shoalhaven Water must have attended the site to clear the blockage in Council's mains,
  • Your plumber's invoice must provide details of the work carried out, and
  • The plumber's invoice must be paid in full.

If you meet the above criteria, to apply for a reimbursement simply follow the prompts below.