Buying Selling Renting

The following may assist you to understand the process in relation to the water account for the property.

Moving House

Buying a Property

When you buy a property, you don’t need to notify us. 

We don’t disconnect our services when a property changes hands, so water and sewerage services will be up and running from the moment you move in. This also means you won’t need to call us to set up an account as it will happen automatically as part of the settlement process.

What happens at settlement? 

Your solicitor or conveyancer will contact us to determine any amounts due or payable in relation to your property. This is because the seller of the property is responsible for any unpaid charges that may have incurred prior to sale. The solicitor or conveyancer should also request a final water meter read to provide an up-to-date water meter reading for water usage charges. 

Once the property is sold and settlement has taken place, the new owner becomes liable for payment of Rates and Water charges.

Your first Water Account 

When the property settlement is finalised, we don’t send a final bill to the seller. We will continue to read the meter as part of our normal cycle (approximately every 90 days) and send the next bill to you as the new owner. You may find you get a bill for water that you did not use – this is normal and would have been accounted for in the previous ownership as part of the settlement process. Touch base with your solicitor or conveyancer if you have any concerns.

Why is my Water Account still in the previous owner’s name? 

It is not unusual for your first Water Account to be issued in the previous owner’s name. Once the sale has gone through it goes to the NSW Land Registry Services who then notify us of the change of ownership, please note that this can take a number of months.

Selling a Property

Once you have sold your property, you won’t need to inform us of the sale.

Our water and sewerage services remain up and running even when a property changes hand. This also means you won’t need to call us to close your account as it will happen automatically as part of the settlement process.

Your solicitor or conveyancer will check all calculations made by the purchaser’s solicitor or conveyancer for any monies owing to Council and arrange to pay all outstanding amounts. If a debt has been accrued on the property, your solicitor will arrange payment be made to Council from the final sale of the house.

Why am I still receiving Water Accounts for the property I sold?

It can take a number of months for the transfer of the property to be registered with the NSW Land Registry Services. Should you receive a Water Account for the property after settlement, simply return the Water Account to us and we will forward it to the new owner.

Don’t forget to cancel any automatic payments you may have set up on your Water Account!

Renting a Property

What happens when I move to a new house?

Whether you are moving in or moving out of a rented property, you do not need to arrange water meter reads or setting up an account with us. This is a matter between you and your landlord or managing agent.

Information for Tenants

It is not unusual for the tenant to be responsible for water usage charges. Your landlord or managing real estate agent will usually advise you of any Water Account charges to be paid.

Information for Landlords or Managing Agents

As an owner of a residential tenanted property, you are responsible for paying your water account. Depending on your lease agreement, you may be able to recover some or all the water usage component from your tenants. Please note that Shoalhaven Water do not issue duplicate water accounts to tenants.

In accordance with the Local Government Act, any outstanding amounts belonging to the property remain the owner’s responsibility. Shoalhaven Water will not restrict water supplied to a tenanted property as a means of resolving disputes.