Need help paying your bill?

Shoalhaven Water understands that customers may at times experience financial difficulty in paying their water accounts and therefore we offer a range of options for assistance.


Payment Assistance Scheme

If you’re facing financial difficulty, you may be eligible for payment vouchers through the Payment Assistance Scheme. The vouchers are issued to specifically help our customers with the water usage component of their Water Account. This scheme is funded solely by Shoalhaven Water and is designed to assist customers in the short term only.

How do I apply for Payment Assistance?

You will need an original copy of your Water Account which you can present to one of the below listed Agencies. The agency will assess the water usage component of your Water Account, and if eligible for assistance they will issue payment vouchers which are equivalent to $25 each. The Agency will determine how many vouchers may be issued.

The Agencies can also help clients with budgeting where appropriate. 

Agencies include: 

  • All Saints Community Care - (02) 4423 1099
  • Mission Australia Community Services - (02) 4448 2000 
  • Family Services Nowra - (02) 4421 5499
  • Salvation Army Nowra - (02) 4423 2102 
  • Salvation Army Ulladulla - (02) 4454 1538 
  • St Vincent De Paul Ulladulla - (02) 4455 5666 
  • Waminda - (02) 4421 7400

Payment Arrangements

If you are experiencing financial hardship or have found yourself with an outstanding amount owing on your Water Account, contact us to discuss your options. 

Our options include: 

  • Make an arrange to pay your account by instalments, or
  • Request to defer your payment for a period of time 

Shoalhaven Water would like to ensure full water services are maintained. Agreeing on a solution, making regular payments, and maintaining contact with us will prevent restriction of your water service and avoid additional costs to have normal flows restored.

By making a formal arrangement with us, you agree to pay your outstanding Water Account by regular instalments. On receipt of your application, we will review the details and contact you if we require further information. 

Under the Local Government Act, interest will continue to accrue on any outstanding balances.

Make a formal arrangement

To avoid flow restriction to your property you must enter a formal arrangement with us. To do this lodge our online application below.