Report leaking meters, mains or hydrants

Have you spotted a leak in one of our water mains? Do you have a dripping water meter or have you noticed wet ground around a water hydrant or near your front kerb?

Shoalhaven Water is responsible for any water services up to and including the water meter. Let us know so we can investigate and repair the issue.

How to report

Before you start

Step 1.Is the leak near your home?

If you are reporting a leak near your home, check if the issue is the responsibility of Shoalhaven Water.

This diagram shows where Shoalhaven Water’s responsibility ends and the homeowner’s begin.

 A diagram of a property detailing how it is connected to the water main. It is divided by a line indicating the boundary between resident and water utility maintenance responsibilities.

If the leak is not Shoalhaven Water's responsibility, please contact your plumber.

Step 2.Could the leak be caused by storm water?

What looks like a water break or leak can often be caused by stormwater runoff, especially after a period of rain. Stormwater pipes run into the kerb and gutter, stormwater inlet pits or grated pits.

Report any stormwater related issues, using this link.

How to report

If it’s urgent it’s best to call us on 02 4429 3214 so we can get our team out to investigate as soon as possible.  

For non-urgent issues, submit an online maintenance request and attach a photo or video of the issue.

The link below will take you to Council's online request management platform.

Report a problem

Need help?

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