Financial assistance

Our 'Payment Assistance Scheme' (PAS) is designed to help customers who are having difficulty paying their home water accounts because of a crisis.

If this is you, you may be eligible for vouchers to assist with the water usage component of your water account.

We encourage anyone who is genuinely facing difficulty paying their water account, to contact us in the first instance to see if an alternative payment arrangement can be negotiated.

The PAS is funded solely by Shoalhaven Water and is designed to assist customers in the short term only.


Any residential property owner or tenant connected to our town water supply is able to apply for payment assistance.

Our partner agencies

Assistance can be obtained by contacting one of the partnered agencies listed below:

What happens next

When you meet with one of the above mentioned agencies you should bring along a copy of your water bill. The agency will:

  • Assess the water usage component and determine how may vouchers can be issued
  • Discuss how the vouchers work
  • Assist customers with budgeting where appropriate