Apply for a water development notice

A water development notice, also known as a Section 306 notice of requirements, must be obtained if your development has impact on Council’s water supply or sewerage system.

From the information you provide, we can then undertake an assessment to determine any conditions that must be adhered to before and during the construction stages.

Please note: Do not apply if you already have been issued a water development notice, please obtain a copy via Shoalhaven City Council's DA Tracking.

Steps to apply

Before you start

Step 1.Have your unique reference number (e.g. DA23/1234, SF12345, CD23/1234) ready

Shoalhaven Water requires a unique complying development application reference number provided by Shoalhaven City Council. Without this reference number Shoalhaven Water will not accept this application.

You can obtain your unique reference number by contacting Shoalhaven City Council once your complying development application has been submitted via the NSW Planning Portal to Council.

Please note: For complying development applications, Shoalhaven Water DOES NOT accept portal reference or private certifier reference numbers.

Step 2.Have your supporting documentation ready

To apply for a water development notice you must provide relevant plans, certificates or supporting documentation so that we can make an accurate assessment of the proposed development.

Relevant support documentation can be submitted in jpg or pdf format.

How to apply

Complete the online form below

Click here to view form.

What happens next

After you submit your application:

  1. Incoming applications are reviewed and assessed, and the applicant will be invoiced based on the type of development.
  2. A water development notice will be prepared based on the information provided in the application
  3. When the invoice is paid, the water development notice will be available through Council's DA tracking system, and sent to the applicant once the development has been approved by the appropriate authorities.

Where a water development notice is NOT prepared there is no fee charged to the applicant.

Need help?

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After a copy of a water development notice?

If you have already applied for a water development notice and paid the upfront fee, you can obtain a copy through Shoalhaven City Council's DA tracking system.