Renting a property

Water charges on a rental property is an agreed matter between a tenant and the landlord or managing agent.

Property owner

Payment of a water account is the responsibility of a property owner.

We can only discuss details of a water account with someone other than a property owner if we have their written consent to have someone else act on their behalf.

Property owners can submit a request to add an authorised account representative.

In accordance with the Local Government Act, any outstanding amounts belonging to the property remain the owner’s responsibility. We will not restrict water supplied to a tenanted property as a means of resolving unpaid accounts.


A landlord or managing agent may pass the water usage component of the account onto the tenant as part of their rental agreement. Duplicate water accounts to tenants will not be issued.

Whether you are moving in or moving out of a rental property, you do not need to arrange water meter reads or set up an account with us.

The property owner, landlord or managing agent will usually advise you of any charges to be paid in the rental agreement.